Are Bean Leaf Beetles Chewing Holes in Your Soybean Leaves?
Bean Leaf Beetles In June, we discussed how we were observing quite a few bean leaf beetles in the Southeast Region of the state. Now, as we enter August, we are again observing an uptick in bean lea...
Understand Safety When Dealing With Hydrogen Sulfide
The risks of hydrogen sulfide in swine operations have been known for years, but beef operators also need to be aware of the dangers this gas can pose. Increasing this awareness led Dan Andersen, assi...
Cover Crops After Small Grains
Due to drier weather conditions small grain harvests are well ahead of average in some Regions of South Dakota. According to USDA- NASS report published on July 24th, 72% of winter wheat was harvested...
New System Could Remove Two Water Pollutants From Ag Fields
Algae blooms in the Gulf of Mexico use up the majority of the oxygen in the water, leading to massive “dead zones” that cannot support fish or other wildlife. The culprit? Nitrate, running...
Experts Discuss the Future of Drones, Robotics in Agriculture
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and other robotic vehicles are no longer seen as toys for hobbyists, but are becoming an important tool for the future of agriculture. But many people still have questio...