Unusual Soybean Coloration Sheds a Light on Gene Silencing
Today’s soybeans are typically golden yellow, with a tiny blackish mark where they attach to the pod. In a field of millions of beans, nearly all of them will have this look. Occasionally, howe...
Monitor Field Margins For Grasshopper Populations
With drought conditions occurring throughout much of South Dakota, it is important to begin monitoring field margins for grasshopper defoliation. Grasshopper populations are usually observed in grassy...
Suspect Herbicide Drift? U of I Extension Has Answers
Every year the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) receives approximately 72 complaints of crop damage due to pesticide drift. When drift occurs, it is important to know the basics of the compla...
New Way to Detect Palmer Amaranth in Contaminated Seedlots
Last summer, farmers in the Midwest got an unwelcome surprise after planting native seed on Conservation Reserve Program acres. Palmer amaranth, the aggressive and hard-to-kill weed, had established i...
Should a Fungicide Be Applied for Stripe Rust Under Dry Conditions?
Stripe rust continues to be found in several winter wheat fields mainly in areas that have had rainfall in recent days. Some of these fields have severe stripe rust developing (Figure 1). However, sin...